A variety of photos of Ghanaian singer Kidi have surfaced numerous times on tabloids of him with his bulges drawn in his pants which puts us in a place to believe it is ‘intentional’.He seem to avoid wearing boxers and briefs to perhaps get tongues wagging and garner much attention to himself which is entirely irrelevant if you ask me.To begin with, Kidi is such a great talent. His music is a perfect soul food. He also stands as a celebrated male fashion icon here in Ghana.The fashion awards and magazines he has covered is testament of his eclectic style sense.So much is expected of him anytime he makes appearances. So we totally believe he should know better when it comes to the ‘dos and don’ts’ of fashion.Amusingly, one of the things the fashion world has not made a custom and perhaps would never is the “dick print culture”. That is to say, there are no such things as bulge trends within the trends terrine.Fortunately or infortunately, the dick print culture is only acceptable in the porn industry by many standards.Also Read: How Sima Brew Got Away With Copying Balmain’s design for Zynell at the VGMAHowever, Kidi seem to have commenced this very worthless trend for himself and that is ditching boxers and briefs to have his pants take shape of his “not-close-to-wow-sized genitals”.This gimmick is only for upcoming adult film makers (pornstars) who are hoping to be Porn Hubs biggest names in few years and not for a young succesful and noble artiste with soo many prospects.But on second thoughts, what could be his motive?? Could it be insecurities of his relevance and longevity that gets this outstandingly talented artiste go the very extreme of flaunting his ‘rod’ that even highlights his ‘cock cap’ ? Or another move for clouts ?? (I can’t think far)Kidi , dick print display is not ‘Sugar’! You know what sugar is ? Your persona, your vocal dexterity, your confidence, your stage presence and not your ‘thumb-sized’ manhood you have cultivated a habit of flaunting every least chance.Let us take a look at how his irrelevant manhood escapades began.So last year August, the singer almost broke the internet ( well, he couldn’t) with a shirtless photo of himself smeared in oil and donned in white pants only.And yes, he had his dick tilted to one side of the jeans side of the jeans literally coming out of his jeans.Netizens which included myself all thought of it as only a wardrobe malfunction only because we thought for a fact Kidi was bigger than trying to cause some conversations with his manhood. (Yhh, like never, our thoughts)Fast foward 2019, at the launch of his latest ‘Sugar’ movie album which by the way has some amazing reviews.The premiere saw him pull the same unnecessary style fiasco with his bulges vividly outlined in his pants.To be honest, there is nothing sexy about what now looks like his ‘newly found hobby’; genital display. What ever intention backing backing such silly gimmicks is virtually of null relevance. He might as well go nude to the next event.I know sex sells in music, Kidi wouldn’t be the first to have sexualized his brand accross the globe. Yes it is acceptable but has limits. A man’s manhood is his not his glory, his impact is.Maybe underwear brands like Lawen Taylor should come to his rescue.Singn him as an ambassador that way he is obliged to wear one always becuase we sometimes are caught up in the thoughts of boxers investment being a Herculean task for him.Well, if you have the Size of Madingo’s third leg then ‘thirsty’ fans can droll over but not a “Tiny..miny..minie..moe “.

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