Sad truth but fashion designing isn’t known for it’s originality like it use to.

The entire style industry is built around the idea that clothes should be available to consumers at attainable price points.

Sometimes that means revising or altering trends to make it a little more accessible for the average consumer. A greater part of such changes is mostly not too obvious.

But Ghanaian designer, Sima Brew’s design for actress Zynell Zuh at the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA 2019) was entirely (with a just a ‘minute’ minus) ripped straight from High end-label brand, Balmain Couture’s Spring 19 look designed by Olivier Rousteing, it’s creative director.

This particular look garnered much attention after music’s bigwig; Beyonce wore it to the 2019 Roc Nation Brunch.

The balmain couture in discussion is more of a ’80-style brushatroke mini dress comes with voluminous pleats in pastel shade.

It was totally creative and ethereal.

However, Sima Brew ‘Copied’ this look with a minor twist which is turning its beneath into pants to create a jumpsuit, using a seemingly pique fabric of white color.

She failed to alter the very iconic feautures of this ethereal look which is its voluminous pleats on one side of the shoulder and the mini elaborate pleats on it waist too.

How is that possible? How can she get away with copying other designs and thinks style enthusiast like myself will mute?

Sima Brew, you have been busted by!

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