Slay trick or you get eliminated!(periodt)

The style appearances and red carpet moment stand as one of the biggest aspects of music’s biggest nights ;VGMA.

Every celebrity wants their look to be captured and fashion observers and lovers like can’t wait to rate their favorite look that is the worst dressed, the best dressed, what celebrities are wearing and all that.

Some outfits are so cool, you really want to get a similar outfit. Other’s are really be terrible! Honestly.

Names like Jocelyn Dumas, Selly Galley, Zynell Zuh and a few others are our best style muses when it it comes to appearances.

Others are next to fashion messes ten times out of nine.

This year we expect an upgrade in style and fashion.

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Here are photos from previous VGMAs and how some people disappointed in their style.

how some people disappointed in their style.

1. It’s a night of music and not eclipse ( Miss anonymous)

2. Its a vulture..its a hawk…its a.. ( Stephanie Benson)

3. Its the VGMA’s baby, not the club across the street(Dede)

4. Never get into a fight before the award…you might rip of the dress or not (lol) *a supposed socialite*

5.Add style if you just want to be ‘you’ (Black Rasta)

6.Look busy, not lazy (Hammer)

7. Another high school freak? ( Belinda Baidoo)

8.The I believe I can fly look ( Nadjat)

Give it up for the power puff girls

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