Twitter calls him a legend. Funny right??

A South African man who happens to be a student was arrested for eating at KFC for free for an entire year.

The man used to tell the employees that he was sent from the headquarters for quality assurance.

The man whose name has not been made known to the public is said to be a student of the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa.

He ate for free every day for a year from different KFC outlets by repeating the same story every time.

Every single time he used to walk into a KFC and with a lot of confidence and tell the employees that he was sent from the KFC headquarters for quality assurance of the food served in the restaurant.

The news was shared by Kenyan journalist, Teddy Eugene on his official Twitter account. The tweet was captioned, “South African man arrested for eating at KFC free for a year by saying head office sent him to taste if they are up to standard.”

Anyways Netizens have taken to twitter to share some ridiculous and hillarious comments. brings you some of the side splitting social media reactions to news.

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