Beyoncé and Jay Z To visit Ghana

2019, dubbed the “Year of Return,” marks 400 years of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade and a lot of African Americans have taken it upon themselves to “return” to their roots in commemoration of the anniversary.

Beyoncé and Jay Z To visit Ghana

Boris Kodjoe, an Austrian-born actor of German and a Ghanaian, Boris Kodjoe, recently led 40 other Black American Hollywood stars to the country for tourism and philanthropic work.

Beyoncé and Jay Z To visit Ghana

After this initiative, the Marketing Manager of Royal Senchi Hotel, Emmanuel Kojo Mensah has revealed that the country is likely to receive Beyoncé and Jay Z. he said they will be the next to visit Ghana.

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Royal Senchi

He said, “I am told that with the visit of Boris Kodjoe and the rest, people in the states are discussing the Royal Senchi Hotel because they have seen pictures videos and other images Boris and his guys took when they came to our facility.”

Boris Cudjoe and his friends from Hollywood resided at Royal Senchi when they came for their visit.

Jay Z and Beyonce apparently has seen some pictures of the colleagues and this according to reports has triggered them to visit the country to support the celebration of the anniversary.

Beyoncé and Jay Z

“Jay Z and Beyonce who saw and liked the pictures, I am told, are planning a visit to Ghana and for that matter the Royal Senchi Hotel. This year the Tourism Ministry says it is the “Year of Return” and we are all up for it,” he revealed.

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