4 smart ways to travel light

4 smart ways to save for your dream vacation at a cheap rate

Travel light (with less) so you can get round more easily. Avoid waiting for bags and never pay for excess luggage!  Writes Kwasy Danyels.

We bring you some smart trip packing methods are very vital so you don’t end up filling up a suitcase with your whole wardrobe. Too much baggage will only weigh you down during your travels, and it can be very costly especially when  travelling by air. Just travel light!

The good news is, traveling light is possible. By downsizing your luggage, packing more efficiently, and being selective with your clothes, you can travel with less on your trip.

4 smart ways to travel light

Kwasydanyels.com brings you 4 smart ways to travel light.

1. Take what you will need not what you want

how to travel light

Traveling with all of your wants will mean coming with your entire wardrobe. What you will need is the most pertinent. Things like took brush, body cream, bath towel, a jeans, possibly four tops and an all rounded foot wear could be just perfect for your vacation.

2Reduce the number of bags


You could be made simple by opting for a capacious luggage. The more bags you take with you on your trip, the heavier your travel load will feel. If you’re only going away for a few days, try to fit everything you’re bringing into one suitcase or one backpack. If your trip is longer, limit yourself to two bags.

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3. Stay Neutral

The smart way of packing light is selecting neutral shades. If you’re traveling on business, bring along shirts, pants and blazers that complement each other in whites, blacks and browns. If basics aren’t really your style, pick an eye-catching color like red and work around it. Another tip: If you’re traveling for work, bring along a crisp, white-collared shirt. You’ll find it’s easy to mix and match pieces on the road. Plus, you’ll allow yourself extra room for packing casual clothing and heavier items like shoes.

4.  Share your toiletries or buy them when you get there

How to travel light

Do you and your bestie both need a full bottle of shower gel for a one week trip? Split the shareable items between you and half your packing weight.

Otherwise, buy your bulkier produces when you’re there – sun lotion, deodorant, mosquito repellent, shower gel – even the most remote locations have shops  and usually carry many of the brands you are familiar with.

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